Being a professional tenant, our aim at Mortimers is to provide you with a well presented home, which is safe, compliant, and provides you with quiet enjoyment for the duration of your tenancy.

As managing agents, we are appointed by the landlord to oversee the tenancy whilst you are living at the property. It is important that you look after the property, ensuring the interior and exterior is kept in a tidy and clean state. For any required repairs, you will be assisted by Mortimers who will arrange and coordinate for approved contractors to visit as and when required.

During your tenancy we appreciate your consideration and co-operation to carry out repairs and maintenance, in addition to any property visits as instructed by the landlord. We use our discretion at all times to minimise any inconvenience to you.

We provide all our landlords and tenants with comprehensive documentation at the outset of the tenancy, so you are well informed.

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